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Trust our decades of know-how to distribute your wine and spirits products.


Wine & Spirits Logistics

KANE offers full-service logistics support for wine and spirits brands. Companies like Gallo and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) rely on KANE to safely warehouse and transport their products.


We offer bonded warehousing in fully FDA- and TTB-compliant facilities. In addition, KANE brings decades of know-how to the business of transporting and delivering liquor to distributors and sometimes difficult store receiving points.  


Why KANE for Wine and Spirits Logistics?

  • Three decades of experience storing and transporting alcohol and other beverages
  • KANE’s large truckload fleet is supported by specialized carrier partners for final-mile delivery, including direct-to-store
  • Specialized equipment, like double-wide forklifts, make beverage warehousing more efficient
  • Tier one WMS carefully monitors "sell by" dates to ensure product quality and freshness
  • Temperature-controlled storage ensures compliance and freshness



With KANE, I know that nobody will leave until the job is done.
- Supply Chain Director, Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

Wine and Spirits Logistics Spotlight

beverage logistics

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

The PLCB purchases and distributes all wine & spirits sold in Pennsylvania, making it one of the largest purchasers of wines and spirits in the country. KANE operates a DC for the PLCB and manages delivery to 212 of the agency’s Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores. Orders are sent to KANE after midnight, staged that same day and delivered to stores the following day. Most deliveries are unloaded by hand, with special care for this highly-fragile inventory.  


The dedicated fleet services contract between the PLCB and KANE began in 1989 and continues today due to the quality and efficiency of the KANE freight delivery solution.


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Large, Global Wine Manufacturer 

One of the world’s largest wine makers, based in California, moved to a regional distribution model, shipping wine to distribution centers across the country where product is staged for final delivery.  KANE is the exclusive delivery partner for all shipments in the Northeast. Distributors know precisely when orders will arrive thanks to KANE’s adherence to pinpoint delivery windows.  


As a result of the regional distribution model, distribution cycle time went from 2-3 weeks to 2 days and KANE enabled this wine maker to minimize the cost of transportation.  


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Full Compliance for Wine and Spirits Distribution

KANE has decades of experience managing storage and distribution of alcohol, which is closely regulated by the U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Our key competencies:

  • Careful record keeping in anticipation of TTB audits
  • Management of required permits for storing and transporting alcohol
  • Management of tax payments, which can be different by state
  • Strong security control, including fenced areas and closed-circuit monitoring
  • Rail-sided facilities allow customers to leverage lower-cost rail on the inbound

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