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Flexible Solutions for Your Freight Transportation Needs.


Freight Solutions

Our customers rely on KANE’s transportation team for nationwide freight solutions and dependable execution. Distribution of consumer products is our core focus and we understand the industry’s special transportation requirements such as high-volume promotion support, routing guide compliance and direct-to-store deliveries.

KANE’s freight transportation team always brings their best to the table.
- Transportation Ops Manager Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Our team is dead serious about the business of transportation management, but we’ve got a lighter side, too. Meet Larry, Mark and the rest of the team in this homemade video clip.

Leaders in Safety and Compliance

The #1 principle of the KANE Code philosophy is "Keep Safety First." When you work with KANE, safe fleet operations are a priorty and our efforts are reflected in CSA scores that far surpass most other U.S. carriers.

  • On every measure of safety performance, from vehicle maintenance to driver fitness, KANE is well below the threshold for FMCSA intervention, meaning an audit is not considered.

  • KANE Out-of-Service (OOS) rates are well below the national average and we have a perfect record for Hours of Service (HOS) compliance and qualified driver compliance.

  • KANE maintains a consistently low Inspection Selection System (ISS) rating.  Like golf, low is good. The ISS score helps commercial vehicle enforcement officers determine whether or not a truck should be inspected.  KANE's stellar safety record and ISS score mean we are less likely to be inspected.
freight solutions

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