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Salt Lake City Warehouse Services; Economical Omni-Channel Distribution

KANE operates a large distribution center in Salt Lake City, Utah – one of America’s fastest-growing hubs for omni-channel distribution. From this brand-new facility, you can reach 90% of customers in the Western Region within 24 hours. And with wage and space rates significantly lower than neighboring states, Salt Lake City is a highly economical distribution location.

Advantages of our Salt Lake City Warehouse Services

  • 457,000 square feet of food-grade, Class A warehouse space
  • 107 dock doors and 8 drive-in doors with room for 130 trailers
  • Easily accessible – 1.3 miles from I-80, 5 miles from I-215, and 7 miles from I-15
  • Variable cost pricing to accommodate demand fluctuations
  • Manhattan Associates WMS and BluJay TMS
  • Strong Omni-channel fulfillment capabilities

Key Benefits of KANE’s Salt Lake City Logistics Services

  • Improve customer service and lower freight spend. Use our national distribution network to place your product closer to your customer.
  • Reduce risk and capital investment. Leverage KANE’s investments in warehouses, trucks, and technology – channel your capital to support your core business.
  • Streamline and simplify distribution. Our single-source solution for integrated warehousing and transportation services eliminates the time and cost involved in coordinating multiple providers.
  • Quickly enter markets. We can set up all EDI and technology communications feeds while establishing SOPs to have your product ready to ship within two weeks of receipt.
  • Support business growth. KANE’s Salt Lake City distribution services are part of our national distribution network - giving you a scalable logistics infrastructure to support the needs of your expanding business

Call us at 888.356.KANE (5263)

KANE/Salt Lake City
5656 John Cannon Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84116