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Use freight consolidation to cut retail distribution costs more than 20%.


Load Consolidation

In a traditional distribution environment, smaller shippers use either higher cost LTL freight, or they wait to build a truckload and risk missing retailer requested arrival dates.  Freight consolidation opportunities are missed.  With a collaborative logistics approach, KANE combines orders from multiple suppliers at our shared warehouses that are destined or the same retailers. This keeps products moving, keeps inventory low, cuts shipping costs for companies that “share the ride,” and reduces carbon emissions by combining multiple LTL shipments into one, fully loaded trailer.


KANE operates a load consolidation (share the ride) program in Scranton, PA.  We consolidate multiple customers' freight onto trailers and deliver anywhere in the country. Customers are billed depending on the amount of space and or weight they take up in the trailer. Utilizing a combination of customer direct deliveries and hand selected pool providers allows us to save our customers more than 20% over standard LTL shipping rates.



Why KANE for freight consolidation?

  • Guaranteed rates. We calculate your shipment rate based on consolidation and we assume the risk if that does not happen.

  • Guaranteed delivery. We will meet your RAD date commitments.

  • Excellent relationship with major retailers. Through frequent driver interaction, we understand how they want to receive product.

  • Expertise to manage all data transfer requirements. KANE supports all common electronic data interchange (EDI) formats. Custom EDI programming is available. 

We found many 3PLs that would consolidate freight if they saw an opportunity but only one, Kane Is Able (KANE) out of Scranton, PA, that had a formal consolidation program.

- VP of Supply Chain, Sun-Maid

Benefits of freight consolidation services


  • Cut transportation costs 25%–35% for freight that shifts from LTL to TL shipments.
  • Cut warehouse costs 15% by sharing overhead, space and labor with other shippers.
  • Flex space and labor based on seasonal demand fluctuations.
  • Increase turns since multi-vendor consolidation allows immediate fulfillment of retail orders.  Reduces the frustration of LTL transportation.
  • Reduce time and administrative expense as KANE handles all carrier payments.
  • Efficiently manage distribution of slow-moving SKUs.



  • Minimize inventory, without stock-outs, by ordering smaller quantities more often.
  • Shorten order-to-delivery time.
  • Increase warehouse efficiency by receiving fewer, fuller loads.
  • Efficiently manage non-strategic vendor relationships.
  • Create pallet-to-store deliveries since KANE can build multi-vendor pallets and prepare them for cross dock shipment from retail DC to store.


Collaborative Logistics Spotlight



Sun-Maid® needed to reduce its LTL costs and sought a 3PL partner on the east coast with a strong freight consolidation program.  KANE took over Northeast and Mid-Atlantic distribution of Sun-Maid’s premium-quality raisins and dried fruits, combining Sun-Maid freight with other customer’s products to create lower-cost full truckload shipments. 


As a result, Sun-Maid reduced its CWT for outbound freight by 62% compared with non-consolidated shipments.  


Read The Full Case Study

Reduce costs and streamline distribution with collaborative logistics

KANE’s dense concentration of consumer goods manufacturers allows us to combine your goods, at our shared warehouse campuses, with other companies shipping to the same retailers. We are then able to ship to these retailers in fewer, fuller truckload shipments – reducing your costs and streamlining the receiving process for the retailer.

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