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    When you join ID Logistics, you become part of a company committed to Investing in our Employees.

    This commitment is the foundation for the ID Logistics benefits program. As an Employer of Choice, ID Logistics invests in you by providing a comprehensive benefits program that offers a valuable, affordable benefit plan package that includes medical, dental, vision, employer paid life insurance, 401(k) with employer match, generous paid time off along with other supplemental benefits.


    Frackville, PA
    Salt Lake City, UT
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    In an effort to protect our candidates and future employees, no candidate will be offered a role with ID Logistics US without completing the full
    application process through our applicant tracking system.  Additionally, ID Logistics will never ask or require applicants to send personal or
    protected health information (social security numbers, birth dates, banking account information) via email or over the telephone.

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    We wanted the best of both worlds: outside expertise provided by people who knew our challenges and products as well as we did.

    VP of Operations, pet food company